Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's been a long time...

Got asked for my Blogger ID, commenting on another blog tonight. I realized it's been a long time since I've added anything here. Reasons abound: the economy has me working harder, so less free time to blog. Other tech pursuits have taken over. Family calls, as does the stack of books on the nightstand and the two daily papers and myriad blogs and news sites.

More than those, though - Encino Village doesn't change much, day-to-day. I never saw this blog as being a place to log the falling of the leaves or the daily temperature. The idea from the beginning was to post news and to enable a sense of community. Other institutions have taken over those functions - we now have Neighborhood Watch and a steering committee. For the most part, we got the parking changes that we sought. There is a Twitter feed for "Encino Village" and an interest group on Yahoo.

When I started Electric Encino, no one else in the room at that first community meeting knew what a "blog" was. (It's true; I actually had to define the term.) Asked for emails, many gave AOL addresses. Many more refused to give any email at all, fearing spam and identity theft. There has been change in Encino Village, but when I walk the Encinodogger through the nabe, my Flip camera usually stays in my pocket. Very little is moving in the Village, and taking video of non-moving objects is just silly.