Monday, April 23, 2007

RE: Citrus Sunday from Councilman Smith's Office

Here's something I'm passing on. I'm too busy with work to blog here for now, and there's been nobody breaking down my door with community ideas, though I'm still open to all. This sounds like a good cause, and I don't know what could be more wholesome than a day spent fruit picking in the Valley. Check it out...


It's time for Citrus Sunday again in the Valley. On Sunday, May 6, 2007, join with neighbors from across the Valley in providing fresh fruit for those who are in need. This is a community-wide effort, and we need your help. Perhaps you know a neighbor or friend who you could tell about the project? Perhaps your school, organization, or workplace wants to participate as a group and do an independent collection in conjunction with Citrus Sunday? Spread the word, and join in Citrus Sunday!

This year's event is even easier than last year, with two easy ways to participate:

1. Collect fruit from your own trees and deliver them to one of the 13 drop-off locations (see flyer below for drop-off locations).


2. Join the Citrus Sunday team at various locations to pick fruit by signing up in advance as a volunteer (with lunch provided!).

Information on how to participate and to sign up to volunteer with the group can be found here:

Hope you'll be able to join in the Citrus Sunday effort,

John Bwarie
Deputy District Director
Office of Councilmember Greig Smith
Chatsworth office: 818-701-5253
Northridge office: 818-756-8501

**Participate in Citrus Sunday on May 6th!**
(check out for more information)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Yogurt in February

Winter really agrees with the Valley. It's easy to forget that in mere months we'll be sweltering and damning the cruel fate that keeps us in the humid muck.

This week, however, is nearly perfect - a little crisp at times; at times a little warm. This is a desert, y'know - we should be having cold nights and temperate days this time of year. Funny how different the weather is just moments away, though. When I'm cycling up to the end of Reseda Blvd. at 7.30AM, it's a whole different climate, though it can go either way: sometimes it's ten degrees warmer, sometimes cooler. Then I go over the hill, as I am today. Sitting in my tiny Beverly Hills office, I'm looking at the blowing trees; it's been windy all day here, though it was calm in Encino when I left. I go out to move my car - no garage, no free parking, no fucking way at these prices - or grab a coffee and I need a jacket. The mobs in front of Pinkberry are in T shirts and skirts. Wherever they come from, it's gotta be colder, so this is a treat for them. Yogurt in February.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The bad news...

From Jennie, an Encino Park neighbor who blogs at (the posting from which this is excerpted is NSFW or kids; most of the rest is family/boss friendly, and a really cool blog you should be reading)

Hello there -- my fiance and I live in Encino Park. This past Friday while we were at work, our home was burglarized and many valuables stolen. We had received the recent community alert warning us of the thefts in the area and had been taking extra precautions with locks on windows and doors, and we have two dogs, one of whom is very protective, large and mean. But to no avail -- they forced a lock on one of our bathroom windows and the dogs were in the backyard and could do nothing. In speaking with neighbors, I have learned that the burglaries are occurring at an alarming rate in the past two months or so, and wanted to let you know so you could perhaps post something about it on your blog and e-mail people who live in the area since our area is apparently being targeted, and there is no sign of it slowing down. The only clue we have to go on is that one of our neighbors noticed what she thought to be a gardeners truck parked right in front of our house that day. We don't have a gardener, and our neighbor's gardener was not due until Tuesday. It was suspicious, and a perfect cover for a robbery when you think about it.

Yeah, it is a great cover. Gardeners, various repair persons, pool servicers, etc, are transparent and anonymous. They must belong here, or they wouldn't be here, or so we think - but we need to be a little more vigilant. The encinoblogger's neighbor's truck was broken into on Sunday night - next time, guys, try the door; it was unlocked and you could have at least spared him the glass repair bill - and an irreplaceable photo album was stolen. There is too much of this going on. Good news is that Jennie and probably others had kept serial numbers for their stolen valuables. If these guys go to a pawn shop, they'll get caught.

Meanwhile,lock everything; use your house alarm; get a doggie door so that your dog can actually protect you (Jennie's dogs were in the yard as the crime took place; she's since gotten a doggie door). Keep as little as possible in your car when it's parked on your driveway, and don't confront a burglar if you interrupt him/her in the act; get away quick.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The parking deal

I'm really starting to think that the city may have lost the paperwork. I've heard nothing in a long time from the Parking Office. Luckily, I made copies of the petitions, so we're not looking at starting over.

I'll be checking into this, so more soon...

From the City Council Office...

Passing this along, from John Bwarie...

The San Fernando Valley Jaycees


Involvement 2007

Join us at our annual community involvement expo to
learn how to get involved with and meet the various nonprofit
and community groups that serve the Valley.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007
6:00pm to 8:00pm

Braude Constituent Center
6262 Van Nuys Bl. * Van Nuys

Passing this along, via John Bwarie:

As we start the new year in the San Fernando Valley, there is an event coming up that I think everyone should know about and attend...

The San Fernando Valley Jaycees is hosting their annual community engagement expo, "Involvement 2007." This is an event where all the community serving non-profits in the Valley are invited to come and show what they do and the general public (you) is invited to come find out ways you can get involved at helping other and the community. With over 150 Non-Profits in the Valley, there is something for everyone: youth services, education, animal welfare, environmental activities, poverty assistance, senior services - and everything in between!

Special presentation at 7pm by
Councilmember Tony Cardenas
and Wendy Saunders, Executive Director, Mid Valley Family YMCA
“How to get involved”

For more information, call 818-384-1622

Refreshments will be provided.
Free Parking beneath the Braude Center (if you enter off of Sylvan Street)

Sponsored by
Telesis Community Credit Union