Sunday, June 18, 2006

News!!! (finally)

Maritza Beaudine has the parking petitions in hand, though she will need help to circulate them. She has next Monday and Tuesday in the early evening (June 26 and/or 27) in mind. Mrs. Encinoblogger had originally planned to help out with this, but she has a foot injury that may preclude this amount of walking. She may indeed be healed by then, but, in any case, we could use volunteers. We will need to cover all the houses that back up to Louise. This is a moderately big job, but it's something that can be easily done with a few people.

Please email the encinoblogger or reply in the comment space here to sign up. And please tell your neighbors to open their doors for us when we come around. Let's get this done.

Also, is anyone interested in a planting program for the parkway on the east side of Louise? Ideas and connections for getting cheap - uh, free - plants are needed. A few of us can do the labor (I'll bring the beer), but it would be great to get the stock donated. There may be help from the city available; in fact I'm hoping the councilman's office is reading this space and will step up on this. Email or comments below.