Thursday, March 30, 2006

Who we are

After looking over the sign-in sheets from the meeting at Emeilita St. School, some conclusions about who we are:
  • A lot of us live on Lasaine; maybe "Encino Village" is too specific a term for this blog.
  • Of twenty people that signed in, eight did not leave, or do not have, an email address.
  • Nine people didn't leave a phone number.
  • Two people came from Louise Ave on the 4200 and 4300 blocks. Welcome.
There were certainly more, a lot more, than twenty people (even allowing for couples) at the meeting. Presumably, some didn't see the sheet; some didn't have time in the rush to be seated; some forgot on the way out; and some probably don't care or realize that they don't have the time in their lives to get involved in community action. It's OK not to care, of course, but we're trying to build a community of people who do care. If you're reading this, you probably care. I'm just saying...

I've emailed all who left their email address. Let's see some comments, at least, and especially let's see someone else posting. Just email me and I'll tell you how.

Could it be?

I was out of town most of yesterday, but I didn't hear the alarm in the morning, and not so far this morning. This is the first time in months that it's been silent for a whole day. Could it be that our long nightmare is over? If so, I thanks to everyone who has called the SLO and the WV Division about this.
See what happens when we get together?