Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It's a busy time...

...for the encinoblogger just now. It's time to get the encinodaughter off to college, there's some paying work to be done, and tomatoes in the garden that need picking. While there is blogging to be blogged, it's going to have to wait for a week or ten days more; then I'll be back up to speed.

Just a note, though: The encinoblogger would like to stay that - simply "the encinoblogger" - in this space. If you know my name, leave it off this space or any other 'net places where you may hang out. I want to avoid any flame wars or other conflicts. Inevitably, someone will disagree with something here, and I'd like to keep that out of my personal life if possible. You're free to disgree in print as much as you like; I welcome debate, I just want to leave the debate in cyberspace.

Thanks for understanding...

Meanwhile, there's a swell new blog up regarding the village's history and efforts to promote and preserve same. You can find it here (

I'd like to see someone posting or commenting (btw, thanks to John Bwarie)about the efforts to plant behind the wall. Does no one have a thought about this?